Save money by making your payment with credit cards

As we will see below, unless you pay the credit card balance every month, it costs you money to use it. You will not only have to repay what you have borrowed but also the interest. These interests will come every month in addition to the amount you have to pay back, and the bank will also charge you interest on those interests. In total, if you delay repaying your credit card, you may pay 3 or 4 times the price of what you bought.

So, how can we avoid spending money to save money that we do not have? A first step is to free yourself from the influence of the omnipresent media and advertising that is conveying the message that ” you cannot be totally happy if you do not have the latest model of … .. “. Their goal is not to make you happy, but theirs. That is to sell their product. In fact, you have lived so far without this product, why would not it be the same in the future?

The use of credit is the culture of immediate gratification.

In the past, we used best ways to save money to afford the object we wanted. Now, the credit industry is bombarding us with the following message: ” Why wait, so that you can have the object now and only worry about the payment later?

Many people think that being rich means buying everything you want when you want. But that’s not the way millionaires think. They do not think they will buy something just because they can afford it. They do not think regarding ” do I have the means or not? “. Rather, they think of purchases regarding: ” Do I want to spend my money on the purchase of this item? “.

If you decide to change your spending habits to save money and invest for your financial freedom, you may have to fight against social pressure.

It is indeed in human nature to compare oneself to others to evaluate one’s worth.

Thus, it is probably by comparing yourself with your neighbors, your colleagues, your friends, your family members that you evaluate the level of your success, especially professional.

Unfortunately, this can drastically distance you from your financial goals if you are not careful.

If you are surrounded by people who have a high lifestyle, you may unconsciously try to align with them. You will not be able to afford to drive in a small car, and you will have to show some outward signs of wealth that you will probably need to buy on credit.

In short, becoming rich is a lifestyle.

It consists of living below one’s means and spending consciously.

It is setting financial goals and deciding to follow them without worrying about what others think.