Whacky Gift Ideas For Men That Have Everything

It gets really hard to find a gift for Men who has everything already, well use your imagination and think inside the box, a funny gift is the solution and if this is unusual then you got it right, these types of gifts are highly appreciated. Gifting candles is a usual thing but Hey this Oil Candle Shadow Projector is an exceptional item as this oil candle forms an enchanting shadow from a small stainless steel tree. Projection of the tree on the wall looks so amazing it is a unique twist to simple candle. The shadow of the tree gets intense and the size changes with additional lighting in the room so darker the room darker is the shadow of the tree. It comes in five different styles and it lasts for 17 hours of burning. More cool gifts at http://www.giftbeta.com/category/gifts-for-men/ can be found and also at Amazon too.

This Nordic-inspired tea light holder is one such unusual gift item and the recipient is sure going o get mesmerized when it lit up creating a glow with Scandinavian inspired trees silhouettes. This makes a warm shimmering centerpiece at the dinner table and this evergreen forest is made by laser cut metal. Of course even men admire such scenic beauty and they will love this as a gift. If you are looking gif for a Man and he loves golf and drink then just grab this Golf Ball Whiskey Chiller, with this chillers the golf game is never watered down and so does your drink. Inspired with the golf game it’s a must have for item in the bar-set. It comes in a hand-crafted wooden box; it’s really a unique gift idea. There are some men who are well organized and they like things in the perfect way, so this Travel Cord Roll is for him. This simple roll will help him tangle free. Yes he can pack all the electronic cords and other knick knacks neatly in this stylish travel roll. So he doesn’t have to waste time untangling the cords. Compact Suit Holder is another such item he could love, He can now pack his suit in to any travel size bag with this compact folder and it keeps the clothes wrinkle free so He is all set to attend that important meeting in no time. It save a lot of space in your luggage by folding the pants, suit and tie around it and you can fit this in any size of luggage as small as a bag pack. It’s now become important to stay connected with people through social media so in this case you don’t want to miss out on any notifications even when you are sweating, in simple words this Phone Storage Workout Bottle is a creative way to hold your essentials and phone in an eye-catching design. I really liked this bottle for its smart design. It holds the phone and other items like cards between the two water compartments and the best thing is it has a port for headphones so you can listen to music while the phone is at rest.